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Kit d’apprentissage FPGA

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  1. the main chip: using Altera’s Cyclone series EP1C3T144
  2. With 4 independent keys,
  3. Four digital tube: Learning digital static and dynamic scanning display technology. Can do electronic clock, frequency counter, counters and other experiments.
  4. Six LED lights: do flowing water lights and other lamp experiments, but also as a status display of a device.
  5. Eight-way DIP switch: used to make two-way or multi-channel digital logic circuit experiment
  6. Clock: Use 50MHZ active clock,
  7. Infrared receiver IC: receiver using VS1838 so doing infrared receiver experiment, scalable infrared remote control keypad.
  8. Temperature sensor DS18B20 Interface: Learning « bus line,1-Wire » communications, do thermometer, temperature alarm device.
  9. Buzzer: do experimental music accompaniment, alarm sounding and so on.
  10. Serial processing MAX232: This as synchronous and asynchronous serial communications level converter, do synchronous and asynchronous serial communication experiment
  11. DS1302 clock modules: can be used to develop electronic clock, calendar with battery backup, so the clock kept forever.
  12. With 16-pin LCD interface
  13. FPGA configuration module: use a large-capacity memory chips EPCS4, boards with reconfiguration button.
  14. AS and JTAG download interface: You can download the program directly to the JTAG interface to the FPGA chip, or have the program downloaded to the AS-interface memory chip, to achieve power-down data is not lost.
  15. IO expansion port: In addition to the development of the IO board module used, the card with pin leads 28 IO, can be extended to use other external devices.

Altera FPGA CPLD USB Blaster programmer:

  1. Fully compatible with original Altera USB-Blaster.
  2. Supported target voltage : 2.0V-5.5V
  3. Support all ALTERA deveice.
  4. CPLDMAX 3000AMAX 7000AMAX 7000BMAX 7000SMAX 9000MAX 9000A and MAX II.
  6. SupportJTAG, AS, PS Mode.
  7. Support NiosII embeded core based debug,
  8. Supports Quartus II SignalTap II Logic Analyzer (for logic analysis)
  9. High performance, 6 times faster than ByteBlasterII !!
  10. USB interface with status and Power LED